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About us

About us...

Welcome to SarimFunda.com!

Here at SarimFunda, I'm your sole guide on a thrilling expedition through the realms of pets caring, loving, travelling with them taking pictures and much more.

Who Am I?

My name is Sarim Sabeeh Abbas a.k.a Ss.Abbas, 22 years old, from pakistan. I have a whole life experience in keeping pets and now I am also a future DVM where I will complete my degree In 1 year.

So, that means If you have any problem with your pets then you can simply contact me I will give you suggestions free of cost.

Sarim Sabeeh Abbas

What's on Offer?

Everything related to pets is on offer so grab it for zero cost and prove to be a good pet guardian.

Why SarimFunda? At SarimFunda, I believe in sharing and celebrating knowledge. My commitment is to provide content that not only educates but also sparks a sense of wonder and and love for pets. Together, let's make whole world pet loving.

Join Me on This Journey Whether you're a bird keeper, reptile keeper, dog, cat, that not matters. SarimFunda is your destination.

Thank You for Being a Part of the SarimFunda Community!sarimfunda.com

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